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A School for Colombo rendering in perspective A School for Colombo rendering in perspective A School for Colombo rendering in perspective A School for Colombo rendering in perspective

A School for Colombo

Project Type: Studio Project/ Competition (Editor's Choice Award)

Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Partners: Brandon Raettig

The school presented here has been designed for a competition in Sri-Lanka that called for an educational facility that centered community engagement. Before we started designing, we set up a group of principals that guided us throughout the design process.

We wanted to mainly create a resilient structure that can potentially protect the inhabitants from the common flooding that occurs in the area. We also wanted to create a sense of ownership for the community it celebrates, where we not only give back the space to the community, but we also give them the freedom of deciding what happens next.

Our school focuses on minimalizing dependence on public resources by harvesting solar energy, utilizing rainwater, and growing the bamboo that would be used as construction material on site. Our school is a landmark, both in form and in function, where the tower provides a visual marker for the surrounding community to signal the shelter. As well as act as the “well” or a place where people come to meet and gather.

The school is meant to be an incomplete building that offers the infra structure and the raw materials to the community so they can decide what happens next as their needs change over time. The sunken courtyard offers a lush green oasis in contrast to the tower and the floodwater both in form and quality.

school oasis corner-1 auditorium-test4 Cafeteria-interior4 classroom-1 library-interior3 shelter-level-test3

Speculations on Water in Quito

Project Type: Studio Project

Location: Quito, Ecuador

Partners: Katharine Odom, Katharine Stowe

For this project, we studied closely the water problem in Quito Ecuador and its social, environmental, and economic effects on life near the Amazon. The premise of the studio was to propose a concept that would be a public institution, as well as an infrastructure complex that aimed to solve some of the water problems in Quito.

Our proposal focused on “Parc El Sena” in central Quito and proposed a new way of raising awareness of the problem at hand for the locals in the city. The Machangara river that crosses the park is in a very bad condition right now, so we proposed a new “fake river” that follows the natural path of the river and would have allowed inhabitants to interact with a cleaner water as they reflect on the conditions of the actual river down below. As the “fake river” weaves between the hills of the site it creates destinations along the way and in this case, it would have connected a natural history museum and a public swimming pool.

A third portion of the project was dedicated to get visitors a third point of view to compare the conditions of the water on both levels below. At this observatory point sits a horse stable that acts as the overseer's tower.

Big-Ass-Render-Pt-2-copy-2 Pier-A-KO Interior-A-KO Exterior-A-KO Entry-Perspective-YS-KO quito perspective-looking-at-Fake-river-YS-KO

Experimental Student's Housing (TUM)

Project Type: Studio Project

Location: Munich, Germany

Partners: Roberto Martinez

The premise of the project was to come up with an experimental housing complex for the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Our proposal for this project was to present an Urban grid system that is modular and could be applied to any given site like a carpet/ tapestry, then respond to the topography and the boundaries of the specific site accordingly. A series of different anomalies cut through the site to address issues of density and livability in the project offering spaces like green spaces and trails, communal assembly plaza, co-working/ co- studying spaces, shelters etc.

The housing project was designed to house 4000 students and 1000 residents of different backgrounds. The design of this complex brings together people from mixed-age groups, mixed-income groups, and creates mixed land use spaces. The goal behind these ideas was to bring a sense of community and connectedness to the site which in turn would help with the social well- being of the residents.

This complex does not only focus on the social sustainability, but it also takes into consideration the environmental sustainability starting from the materials used in the buildings construction to the water purification systems that incorporate facilities like the living machine and depends on collecting rainwater from the entire site to other facilities for recycling, composting, and vertical farming etc.

Screen-Shot-2023-03-01-at-5-40-27-PM Screen-Shot-2023-03-01-at-5-40-50-PM Screen-Shot-2023-03-01-at-5-41-21-PM Screen-Shot-2023-03-01-at-5-41-29-PM Screen-Shot-2023-03-01-at-5-41-03-PM

Public Bath House

Project Type: Studio Project

Location: Undefined

The project's goal is to design a public bath house with three pools of diff erent depth, enclosures and leisure spaces. the design process is derived from a manipulation of a 2D representation of Sylvano Bussoti's XIV piano piece for David Tudor.

The techniques used during this process included collaging, Xerox printing, photo-montaging and translation of the conceptual collage into a public space that defi nes points of destination vs. circulation and private vs. public points.








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